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  • PRODUCT: N & I Wonder detergent contains 5 litres concentrated, high efficiency liquid. 
  • PURPOSE: Keeps your clothes clean, free of germs and smelling naturally fragrant with no toxic ingredients. Safe for use in front load or top load washing machines.
  • FOR YOU: Specially formulated to be safe for those with sensitive skin, babies and children. Mild and soothing scents of lavender, lilac & bergamot. No synthetic dyes or harmful artificial colour added.
  • INGREDIENTS: Naturally derived biodegradable surfactants, organic bio-enzymes for a deep clean, eucalyptus oil for antimicrobial protection and essential oils of lavender, lilac & bergamot. PACKAGING: This product is packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle. The bottle is made from 35% recycled plastic.

Laundry Soap

SKU: 0003
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